East side of Isla Espiritu Santo, April 24th 2009.

Doug Hamilton and I packed our kayaks early and started off to look at the rocks on the next point. There was one “balancing rock” on top of a narrow point. The evening before, Doug had paddled down to look at it “before it falls over” so he had seen this spot briefly the day before. Besides the balancing rock there were several other fantastic rock structures. Tall narrow columns of rock sticking out of the water that we could paddle between.

The coastline became less dramatic and we cut across a bight to talk to some yachties about the weather. They reported that we could expect it to be good the rest of the day. We rounded another rocky point (Point Lobos) then cut across a bay with a miles long sandy beach around it. There were several yachts anchored here with their dingy ashore and people camping. Near the end of the beach there was a large collection of kayaks stacked up. Behind these was a tent city with individual modern tents, large group tents and awnings. One large awning had folding tables in it lined with chairs to make a dining room for everyone. We figured this was an outfitted trip and didn’t stop to visit, although we did wave at the clients and get a few waves in return.

We stopped for lunch at the very end of the long beach then continued for a few more miles to the southernmost tip of Isla Espiritu Santo. We had been paddling into a headwind almost all morning and at this point it was blowing into our faces as we looked towards the mainland. Our original plan had been to camp here and cross over the next morning. But looking offshore it seemed that the water was calmer than close to shore. As we all collected at the end of a sandy spit the wind died down completely and we decided to do the four and a half mile crossing now while the getting was good. The air stayed calm for the crossing and even turned around to blow our way a little bit by the time we made it back to Tecolate. We landed, unloaded the kayaks, strapped them up for travel and sat down for drinks and guacamole with chips at the restaurant that had watched our truck.

The kayaking is over for this trip. Several of us would be flying home soon, and the rest starting the long drive home.

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