San Juan de la Costa to Punta El Lion, April 19th 2009.

The morning was calm and wind free. The public beach was only a few miles away and visible from our camp. So Kate DesLauriers agreed to get back in her kayak one more time to paddle this short distance. When we landed at the beach, Toby met us there and helped load two kayaks onto the roof of his jeep. Kate and Andrea Wolf left with him and then it was just us three guys paddling the last 35 miles of the trip to La Paz.

We went under the mining pier and started south. Very calm conditions and beautiful water. The girls should have stuck with it. We could look down between the kelp plants and see swarms of baby fish. It was like paddling over an aquarium.

A proposed campsite I had chosen from the Google maps was Boca Del Calcolo, the mouth of some sort of estero. I wanted to paddle up it but we never found an opening, it must be closed now. We stopped for lunch at rocky beach next to a nice beach and a valley full of shady palm trees. Perhaps this was the boca, but it was full of houses with shiny pickup trucks on the beach, so we passed it by.

We paddled the last section of rocky coastline and started along the long sandy spit that goes most of the way across to La Paz. We looked for a good place to camp but every dent in the shoreline had a fish camp in it. Finally at 4:30 PM we chose a sandy spot far enough down the beach to not hear the umpa-umpa of the music from a fish camp. There were tire tracks all over the beach but no vehicles came by while we camped there. We used up large amounts of leftover food since this should be our last night. It takes prodigious amounts of water to cook pasta for dinner, but we used it “like it was water”.

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