Punta el Puertecito to Hot Springs Beach, April 5th 2009.

We managed an early start and made it to Hot Springs Beach by lunch time. Although keeping track of time is made difficult by being at the cusp of PST and PDT. The date of the daylight savings time change recently changed in the USA, did it also change here in Mexico? Southern Baja is on MST, or perhaps MDT if they do this silliness down here. We gave up and simply left our wrist watches on local time at home.

There was a low tide in the middle of the day but we did not have high hopes of soaking here. Andrea Wolf and Herb Howe have been to this hot spring several times and never had the tide, wind and waves cooperate to make the hot springs work for them. I risked my life last year in katabatic winds to paddle here in the middle of the night and did find the hot springs worth the trouble.

So we were pleasantly surprised to find that the tide was low enough to jump in the hot springs and the pools were pleasantly hot! We spent over an hour in them and most of us got sun burned sitting out in the daylight so long. We could have spent hours in the pools, the tide stayed away so long. Hours after we got out, another couple of kayakers paddled up from Agua Verde and soaked in the pools.

We set up camp right there on the beach in site of the hot spring and spent a lazy afternoon reading and trying to stay out of the sun.

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