Layover Day on Isla Carmen, April 23rd 2008.

We all got to sleep in late, except for me. Eating lots of carbohydrates and getting lots of exercise makes me very regular. I have this argument with my large intestine every morning: Me: Its only 5:00 AM, cant I sleep in just a little longer? Large Intestine: NO! You must get up and go NOW! I always loose this argument.

Don had cooked dinner and dessert the evening before, serving rum as the cocktail before dinner and in the dessert. He tossed the resulting half-empty bottle in front of his tent and it made a great picture when I found it still there in the morning. There was a rock just offshore that had a seagull nest on it. The gulls screamed at us and often dive bombed us. In the morning the low tide allowed us to hop from rock to rock and get back at the annoying gulls by climbing up their rock and photographing their eggs.

Although I spent most of the day lazing about in the shade reading a book, I went for a hike before the sun became too high. I scrambled up a ridge to photograph our camp from above. Looking back down the ridge I was surprised at how vertical it looked from this angle. I did not want to try to climb down that cliff, so I hiked along the ridge until I fond a big-horned sheep trail that took me down into the arroyo that lead back to camp. On the way a thorny bush grabbed the strap of my camera and stealthily pulled it out of my pocket. I had to retrace my steps in order to find it later!

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