Big Flat to Shelter Cove, September 5th 2005.

In the morning Kate DesLauriers and Andrea Wolf got up early to start the hike back out before the high tide. They had noticed that even during a falling tide the "trail" along the beach was sometimes under water when a wave came in. They didn't want to take any chances. Andrea found something strange while packing up: One of her hiking boots was full of feathers and other fluff. She reached in to pull it out and a mother mouse with a litter of babies ran out! After a warning shriek from Andrea we all checked our boots and Dörte Mann also found a litter of mice in one of her booties.

Us kayakers packed up and left a few hours after the hikers and passed them a few hours after that. Later we learned from them that they saw bear tracks in the sand on the way out! We had seen no sign of bears and had been told by the forest service people that they were no longer a problem, at least at Miller Flat. We didn't see much of interest on the paddle out. I tried to lead everyone into the strange calm area where the Delgada submarine canyon comes close to shore. But most of my friends stayed far from shore and didn't join me there.

After paddling as close as we dared around Delgada Point we landed at Shelter Cove in time for lunch. While we were still unloading gear from our kayaks Andrea showed up looking for us. They had made excellent time, better than their time going out, and were surprised to find that we were not ready yet. But Andrea and Kate's appearance meant that all the people and the cars were back in one place! We had successfully managed a difficult car and kayak shuttle! Of course we stopped for fish and chips at the Deli/General Store before driving home.

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