Crossing Back to Isla San Esteban, April 12th 2004.

In the morning we had calm conditions for our crossing back to Isla San Esteban. It turned out to be an easy 19 mile crossing from our campsite on Tiburon. Half way across a tanker crossed between us and Esteban. Roger told me that the roaring sound we could hear from the boat and feel in the water was the sound of a steam boiler. Once it had passed us and steamed southeast towards the Mexican mainland we could smell from the exhaust that it was a coal fired boat.

We came to ground on Esteban at the mouth of the large arroyo that we camped at several days before. Then we spent the rest of the day doing leisurely rock gardening around the south side of the island. We violated the Marine Mammal Protection Act many times by scaring sea lions off the shore just by paddling close. These seals are more wary of kayaks than the ones in California. We explored every one of the caves and arches along the way. The whole day we joked about the "terrible overfalls" on the south end of Isla San Esteban, looking forward to playing in them. But when we got to the southwest corner of the island the water was dead calm. We stopped to "talk" to three navy guys camped out on the spit on this corner of this island. Finally we paddled up to the same campground where we first camped on this island So we have closely explored the whole island now!

Strangely, there was a large section of gravel washed out of the beach since we were last there, as if there had been a storm recently with waves pounding the beach. Could this have happened in only the last few days while we have been gone? Or was it there before and hidden by the high tide on that day?

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