Back around the SE Corner of Isla Tiburon, April 11th 2004.

We went straight down the coast of Tiburon skipping all the boring beaches, over 20km. Passing our old campsite we went around the point. Isla Turners looked so enticing, only 6km away, and the water was calm so we decided to have lunch there. When we were half way across the wind came up, first in our faces, then from the west, then across our bows from the northwest. It was a wet ride but it still only took one hour.

During lunch the wind seemed to calm down and the water looked mild. But when we came around the north end of the island the wind was strong from the west against the strong tide from the east. This created a huge tide rip, as impressive as Yellow Bluff on a good day with two meter standing waves. North of Roca la Foca, Roger turned east and stayed with the tide, having a wonderful ride in the rip. During lunch I had tugged my sprayskirt off and ripped it open on the right side and ductaped it temporarily back together. I was afraid that it would rip open again and gulp lots of water in the rough rip tide so I plotted a short course across to Punta Monumento. This kept my right side and the patched slit in my skirt away from the waves as we plowed across the standing waves in the narrowest part of the rip. As we left Roca la Foca behind, some shallow rocks loomed ahead of us. The tide was pulling us left of the rocks while the wind was blowing us right. To avoid getting pulled into them I dropped my skeg, which made my boat turn to the right. This allowed me to paddle against the current and go around the rocks. Once safe on the other side I raised my skeg and the wind pointed me back to the left again.

Once Dave and I made is safely back to Isla Tiburon we turned left. Traveling east we crossed a large bight thinking the tide would help us but we mostly just slogged into wind for hours. Using the tide rip to pull him along Roger pulled way ahead of us and landed to explore an old building on the island. He says he was greeted by a friendly and well-fed dog. This convinces him that the site is not completely abandoned, although peaking through the windows the building was empty of furniture. Dave and I caught up with Roger at the next point and took a break on a small pocket beach on the east side of Punta Colorado. We then did a leisurely rock garden paddle around the point to a beautiful campsite for the night. This beach had red gravel to camp on with outcroppings of large white stones to hang gear up to dry on.

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