Baja, Cabo San Miguel to Punta San Juan Bautista, March 27th 2002.

The next morning we rounded Cabo San Miguel Point with a strong current opposing us. The tide was coming in and we could see it flowing around the rocks offshore from the point. Just inside the point we found another beautiful potential campsite, with kayak sign where our friend from the day before had probably camped. But he had already packed up and was long gone. We never caught up with him again on this trip.

As we paddled south we came upon a gray whale feeding offshore! We chased it back and forth and tried to predict where it would come up next for a good photo opportunity. But it seemed to know we were around and avoided us.

Our next stop was a place called Estero La Palmita, where Penny hoped to find a “tent olive”, a shellfish with a beautiful design on it’s shell, like a picture of a camp full of tents. But there was no marshy estero with shallow water for shellfish to live in. Instead a large berm had blocked off the estero which was dry and had no tent olives living in it. In fact it was full of large cardon cactus that looked like they had been there for a long time. Penny hugged the shore around the next point hoping to find an entrance to a lagoon but there was none.

The next point, Punta San Juan Bautista, had a fish camp on the map. Penny reported seeing a bunch of houses a mile or so before the point. But around the point where my map showed a road leading to houses there was nothing. The shallow water offshore was clogged with rocks. Perhaps a storm washed rocks into the beach and made it an impractical place for a fish camp, so the locals all moved farther north.

Ahead we could see what looked like two large yellow sandy beaches before the next point. We decided to push on and try to make it to one of these. But as we approached we found, instead of abeach, a continuous wall of a cobble berm. The yellow we saw turned out to be sandy planes covered with yellow plants! We landed on the cobble at an interesting spot that had caves, man-made walls, and the backbone of a whale nearby. Here we set up camp for the night.

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