Baja, San Francisquito to Cabo San Miguel, March 26th 2002.

I saw the light of sunrise enter out cabana but did not want to get out of the warm covers. Eventually I did (and I was not the last person to do so) and started packing. Despite our practice the day before it was around 8:30 AM before we finally launched. On the water at last!

We paddled for an hour and stopped at a beautiful spot just past a hook of land. We should have launched the day before, even if it was late, and paddled to here for our first camp! The beaches were gentile and sandy with arroyos to camp in all the way to a fish camp called El Barril.

South of there we saw whales blowing offshore, close enough to see their flukes when they dove! Two large bottle nosed dolphins swam between our kayaks. Blowing and traveling by as if we were not there. After El Barril the coast was rugged and steep with fewer places to stop, although we found a few. We pushed on, looking for a little bay named Boca el Coloradito. This turned out to be a disappointment, just a dent in the coastline. There we met a kayaker who had left San Francisquito the day before. He had stopped for lunch and was surprised at how fast we were going to have caught up with him. He pressed on but we stopped at the next arroyo, Cabo San Miguel, for the day.

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