Baja, San Ignacio to San Francisquito, March 25th 2002.

In the morning Alberto picked us up and we started driving to the put-in. Only two of us fit in the cab of the truck with the driver, so the ladies sat in there. Alberto had an old car seat in the back of the truck but it only held three of us four guys. So we took turns sitting or lying on piles of gear. We could have waited and purchased water from Alberto when we got to San Fransisquito. His water comes out of a deep well and he drinks it but he says that many people put a little chlorine in the water just to be safe. He suggested that we could stop at a water purification shop on the way and buy our water there. He did not mind the extra 500 lbs of weight on his truck, so this is what we did. Then we turned off the main road and headed across country on the bad dirt roads.

We didnít arrive at San Francisquito until 1:00 PM. We figured that packing the kayaks the first time would take 4 hours and then it would be too late to launch. So we had Alberto drop us off at the resort and we rented a cabana with six beds in it on the beautiful Encenada Blanca beach. We had lunch and then dinner at the resort. We took our time practicing loading our boats and got ready to launch early the next morning.

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