Baja, Campo Nuevo to Santa Ynes, April 13th 2001.

We got up late, took our time with breakfast, and packed up to leave. Konstantin predicted that the ocean would be dead calm and we would regret the decision to abort. But by 8:00 AM the ocean was covered with whitecaps. The swell was less but the wind was miserable and we drove off with a clear conscience.

We had lunch in El Rosario after being stuck street-side by a good Friday parade. Some of the fishermen who had given us a ride were riding horses in the parade and stopped to talk to us. We tanked up on gas and headed south. The decision was to go to Bahia Gonzaga on the Sea of Cortez and paddle north. If the weather turns bad on us it usually blows to the south and it will blow us back to my truck. We stopped at the shrine of the Virgin, at the petroglyphs, and at Santa Ynes. It was early in the afternoon but we decided to stay at the ranchero there for dinner, hot showers, and soft bunk beds.

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