Baja, Bahia San Quintin, April 8th 2001.

The wind that came with the rain never stopped all night. This violates another one of the expectations that we had come with. The weather that we are expecting is:

1) Sunny skies.
2) Dry desert weather (no rain).
3) Warm dry air during the day.
4) Calm air in the morning.
5) Strong wind in the afternoon, dying after dark.

Noting is as we ordered it! In our original plan we were to paddle north a short distance to Isla San Martin for a day. However, we didn't want to paddle north into the wind so we slept in late and planed a short day paddle inside the bay. Perhaps the weather will calm down the next day. We stayed inside the bay and paddled north into the wind up the east lobe of Bahia San Quintin. We landed and climbed to the top of the beautiful sand dunes to get a glimpse of Isla San Martin. Then we paddled back down the bay and out to Punta Entrada just outside the mouth of the bay. Offshore we saw incredible waves breaking in a tidal rip or shoal. The wind whipped the tops of the waves off and plowed spray back out to sea.

The full moon the night before meant that the tide would be very high the next few days. I camped in a gully above the beach while Konstantin and Sid camped on the sand just above a sandy step left by the last tide. In the night two waves came up to their tents. One slopped under Konstantinís buivy tent and picked him up a few inches! He jumped out and waited twenty minutes but no more waves made it that high and the tide went back down.

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