Yelapa to Corales, Mexico.

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On my third day in Yelapa I finally launched for an overnight kayak camping trip.

Me packing the kayak.
Paddling out of Yelapa Bay and down the coast.
Stopping for lunch south of the town of Chimo.
The caves I saw were too rough to go into.

A beautiful rock with double arches.
A beautiful beach I decided not to camp on.

The beach near Corales where I camped for the night.
I paddled up a lagoon before setting up camp.
Breaking camp in the morning.
Stopping for lunch on the way back. Would you land your kayak here?
And back to my palapa behind the pier.
Sunset and watching the world go by from the dock.
Konstantin and Linda head home early.
A tour of the inside of my palapa.
Frigate birds over the dock while I wait for a ride home.

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