Hike from Limantour Beach to Wildcat Camp, July 16th 1996

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Marty took these pictures with a use-once panoramic camera. When I disassembled the camera after use, (Kids, don't try this at home, obey the instructions on the camera and do not open it!) we discovered that it is identical to the 35mm throw away cameras, with a mask covering up the top and bottom of each frame! That part of the film is not exposed, but you could get the same effect by putting duct tape across the top and bottom third of the viewfinder on any other camera and not using the top and bottom third of the resulting images. All that asside, Marty took some lovely pictures by land while I was traveling by sea:

The view north and south of the salt marsh behind the beach.
The trail starts out along the sandy beach.
Then you follow the Coast Trail.
Views back to Point Reyes.
A view forward to Double Point past Wildcat Camp.
These three pictures form a panoramic view from Double Point on the left past the rocks of Milner Point to Martin on the right taking his own picture.
Closer to Double Point, the lakes above Wildcat Camp can be seen.
Wildcat camp viewed from above as the sunlight fades.
The last glimer of sunlight on the ridge above Wildcat.

Wildcat Camp, August 27th and 28th, 1995

To complete my tour of the Marin County coast, I paddled 10 miles up from Bolinas and camped at the National Park campsite at this beach.

Altamere Falls, and a group of friends hiking up the beach to see the falls, then camping out with me at Wildcat Camp:

Breaking camp late in the morning, and the view back as I left:

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