Mendocino Van Damme State Park and surrounding area.

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On September 12 1997 at the BASK Mendocino Campout, Roger Lamb and I went on a short paddle around the cove looking for places to dive for abalone the next morning.

Roger could not resist sticking the nose of his kayak into this vent and waiting for it to erupt over him!
On the next morning we took Max on a short trip to go abalone diving with us.

On September 28th 1996, I paddled past this area and through a bunch of caves and arches.

Here are two pictures of the inacessable beach where we stopped for lunch.

The following pictures are of a trip through The Cave of Doom where I was trapped for 5 minutes.
This is the view south into the first opening. Nobody was foolhardy enough to go through this opening.
A little south of the entrance is this side entrance that was deep enough to be calm and safe to paddle into.
These are two images taken from inside the side channel looking out and north.
Looking south while inside the side channel you can see into the chamber I went into next.
Here's the view back out while trapped inside the chamber waiting for the waves to calm down so I can exit.

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