San Simeon Area

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Pictures from the August 2003 expedition to Point Sal

Launching from the town of San Simeon.

The Point Sal expedition pictures continue here.

Pictures from the August 2001 expedition past Big Sur

Rock off Piedras Biancas Point.
Piedras Biancas Lighthouse in the fog.
Seal rock south of Piedras Biancas Point.
San Simeon Point.
Down Town San Simeon, where we will land.
Safely on the beach at the end of the trip.

Pictures from the BASK trip in 1997

Launching from Moonstone Beach we stayed far from shore on a rough day.

A BASK trip with quite a few other kayakers along.
The beach we launched from, up close and from out at sea.

I found this beautiful little "cove" between the rocks of the cliff with a dead tree hanging down into the water.

The beach we landed at.
Joan Wiener, sef proclamed "surf chicken" comming in for a landing and making it safely!

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