Surfing Salmon Creek Beach in a Kayak.

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Boogy boarding with Tod and Jeremy. , February 8th 1997.

Surfing Duncans Cove and Salmon Creek, January 21st, 1997.

Surfing on Christmass Eve, December 24, 1997.

For ages I promised myself I would go to Salmon Creek Beach and practice in the surf until I wasn't as afraid of the waves. Finally I took my brother Ralph and his son Jeremy on several surfing expiditions here.

First I made Jeremy and Ralph practice bracing (leaning into the paddle) in the Russian River.
Then I took Jeremy out on calmer swells at sea near Goat Rock.

Jeremy got to go out in 4 foot swells on a day when his dad could not.

Finaly, Ralph came along on the next surfing expidition an had a great time!

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