Point Reyes Point

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I returned a year later to record the Chimney Rock end of Point Reyes Point:

Dad documented the launch for my first trip around Point Reyes Point:

One of the little black specks in each of these pictures is me, taken by my Dad from the Point Reyes Lighthouse, and a few other vantage points:

Here's the view back to the beach just after the launch, an old Victorian ranch house on the dunes, and a view of the point from a few miles away:
Up close, the exposed rock south of the point has that blood-red lichen growing on it:
First closeup views of the rough water at the point:
The Lighthouse viewed from the water as I go around the point:

The water between the cliffs and the row of rocks was calm this day:
When the harbor seals (look for their heads in the water) abandoned this little beach, I landed for a picture:
Elephant Seals:
Dad documented the landing as I came into the private dock in Drakes Bay:

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