Point Resistance, August 28th, 1995

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North of Wildcat Camp in Point Reyes National Park, are a series of beautiful rocks and arches.

Milner point from a distance and up close:

Point Resistance from a distance, and the cliffs on the south side, including the cave I went in through:

A panoramic set of shots from left to right from inside the cathedral:

The View looking up as you paddle inbetween the arms:

This is one arch I didn't go through, if you look carfully you will see a group of pelicans just left of this arch.
Between Point Resistance and Limantour Beach is a series of beautiful cliffs and beaches that I want to go back and explore one day:

Horses galoping down Limantour Beach, the beach from a distance, and the final landing sight of my Marin County Quest:

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