Famly reunion at Lake Pillsbury

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In August of 1995 the Higgins Famly reunion was at Lake Pillsbury

Unpacking canoe and kayak at the shore.

I gave a ride to my nephew Nathan, who had to sit in his mothers lap. When landing this canoe, I usually paddle as hard as I can toward shore to slide up far enough that the front passenger can get out without even stepping in the water. As I did it this time, I shouted: "Red Alert! All hands brace for impact!", and Nathan was frightened. He didn't want to get back in a canoe for the next few days.

A few older nieces, nephews, and my brother Ralph in the canoe.

Lazy vacation daze in the shade.

My brother-in-law Ted got blown into this reedy marsh in his sailboat. I paddled into the reeds in the kayak to photograph his embarassment. He pulled up the keel and just pushed it downwind through the reeds to clear water again.

Early morning on lake Pillsbury.

Heres a picture of the Bald Eagle from the canoe, and pictures of every body else viewing the Eagle from Ralph's motorboat.

The following pictures were taken on a late fall trip to Pillsbury:

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