Pictures from Cabo Pulmo

Most of the beaches we saw on the drive down were for sale.
We parked our rental car behind a dive shop.
And put the boats together the evening we arrived.
Ready to launch the next morning.
An unsusual swell from the south.
Landing on sandy beaches looking for places to camp.
I'm paddling the K-Light.
A busy holiday beach with palapas and SUV's on the sand.
We found a deserted beach on a point.
Our beach has an incredible field of granite boulders.

Rock formations in the water and on land.
Using flippers that attach to my Tevas I go snorkeling and take pictures:

Dive boats arrive at our "deserted" beach.
Snorkeling must be hard work!
Our campground for the night.
The snails huddle together through the low tide.
Rock formations around our point.
Our beach gets larger when low tide arrives with the evening.
Looking at our point from the water the next morning.
Exploring the next section of coastline.

We have to start heading back.
Exploring an offshore rock.
The weekend is over, the busy beach is almost deserted.
Landing for our last night of camping, half way back to Cabo Pulmo.
Our tent in the mouth of a sandy arroyo, safe from the high tide.
Our campground by early morning light as we pack up to leave.
The coast north of Cabo Pulmo, to be explored some other trip.
Landing at Cabo Pulmo.
A group of Mexican college kids here to study ecology.
Back home the same evening!

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