Montana Des Osos State Park.

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Pictures from the August 2003 expedition to Point Sal

I was curous to see the reef and coves I had explored back in 1997.
The shore south of the cove started to get interesting.
Then Point Buchon turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip. With rock gardens, kelp, caves and arches!

Our first views of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant as we approach and start our mandated one nautical mile turn out to sea.
I think the strong wind blew us a little close to the plant, but they did not have us arrested.

The Point Sal expedition pictures continue here.

Pictures from a 1997 visit with my sister Margie.

North of the cove at Montana Des Osos there is a stony reef with navagable (by kayak) channels carved through it.

One of those channels was wide enough to have a little beach at the end of it. The waves in here were great for surfing a kayak into the beach.

Back at the beach, my sister Margie and her two kids met me for lunch.

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