Cabrillo Point and Mendocino Russian Gulch State Beach

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After the Cabrillo Lighthoue Lighting on August 6th 1999, we went paddling in Russian Gulch Beach on the following day.

The 1998 Bask Mendocino Campout was held at Russian Gulch Beach

Maryly and I went abalone diving Friday afternoon at Van Damme on our way.

Roger Lamb and I went Abalone diving Saturday morning. Later, Joe Petolino and Gerard borrow sit-on tops to go abalone diving.
Maryly rescues Dave Kennar when he falls out of his Tsunami X15 on a washover.
Maryly mixes fresh squozen Vodka screwdrivers.
Maryly and I take it easy on the beach before preparing for dinner.
The beautiful Highway One bridge over Russian Gulch.
I prepare my abalone for sashimi.

Don "ductape" Barch juggles knives and abalone pounders.
Ken Kelton mesmerizes everyone with his story about the shark attack in his kayak.

Maryly follows me through a beautiful series of caves and coves.
John "Tsunami Ranger" Dixon paddles his boat out of the water.
We are joined by a large group of BASKers for lunch on a rocky beach.
Maryly and I stop at Greenwood Cove on our way home.

Cabrillo Lighthouse

Joe Petolino paddling past the lighthouse on Cabrillo Point.
Joe in one of the deep "fijords" carved into this point.
Light reflecting off the water onto the vertical wall of the fijord.
Roger Lamb in the fijord with the Cabrillo Lighthouse in the background.
A nest of caves leading into a grotto in the rock wall of the next fijord south of the Cabrillo Lighthouse.

A trip to Albion Harbor started out at Russian Gulch On September 28th 1996.

Camping on a BASK trip, I went kayak caving after abalone diving in the morning.

I went south past Agate Beach with Paul Futcher.

Paul Futcher sitting-on-top of his sit-inside kayak.

On a camping trip to Mendocino Paul and I went abalone diving off our kayaks. We found a calm cove on a rough day, with enough abalone for dinner, and a cave that made wonderful grumbling and roaring sounds:

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