Morro Bay

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Pictures from the August 2003 expedition to Point Sal

Other possible campsites near Cayucos.
A kelp harvestor, getting food for the abalone at Point Estero?
Paddling past Cayucos.
Only one of 100 pictures taken of dolphins turned out.
Morro rock was invisible in the fog as we approched.
Arround the outside of Morro Rock.
Once past Morro rock the fog started to lift.
Morro Rock from the Dock in down town Morro Bay.
Morro Rock over our campsite that evening.
Leaving Morrow Bay in the morning required goind north for a while.
The view back and the spit. If we could have portaged over the dunes we could have saved a few miles of paddling.

The Point Sal expedition pictures continue here.

Pictures from a BASK trip to Central CA in 1997.

At the Morro strand, near Morro Rock, we saw an otter swimming with the kids boogie boarding in the surf.

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