Mendocino Headlands.

We could not resist paddling through here on the 1997 BASK Mendocino campout.
Roger smashed the nose of his boat while paddling too close to shore. He stopped on the Mendocino City Beach to cover it with some ductape that I loaned to him.
The ductape worked well enough to last for several trips.

Mendocino Headlands, July 20th 1996.

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I paddled the rest of the way around the Mendocino Headlands (see below) on a longer trip from the Noyo Harbor to the Big River.

Mendocino Headlands, August 22nd, 1995

This was a short trip halfway around the Mendocino Headlands when I only had a few hours on my way to Ukia on a trip up the coastline.

Mencocino beach from a distance and up close:

The sinkhole cave, going through from the ocean side:

The sinkhole cave, going back through from the beach:

Another trip through a smaller cave:

No end of coves, caves and arches on the headlands:

A beautiful arch I went under, but ran out of film to record. I will go back again one day.

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