Manchester State Park and Point Arena

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The beautiful Frenel lens arrey in the Point Arena Lighthouse tower.
A panorama of views south, west, and north from the lighthouse tower windows.
There are 145 steps spiraling up into the top of the lighthouse.
The view back at Alder Creek Beach after I launched over the surf.
The AT&T station where two subarine optical fiber cables leave for Japan and Hawaii.
Approaching Point Arena from the north.
Arches and channels on the north side of the point.
Pictures from all angles as I went around the central Point Arena:

Views back toward the main point as I paddled away from it.
The cliffs here were huge tilted sandstone sheets. In this place, the water had broken through the sheet and carved out a crack large enought to paddle into. These two views are looking west and east up that crack.
I paddled behind this stony reef until the water almost got too shallow to hold up my boat.
My dad watched from the cliff behind me as I went through this arch. He didn't see me again until we met at the Point Arena Cove.
The area south of the point was riddled with arches:

Huge waves came through this arch, then calmed down. I went through to find a cave blocked off by palm-kelp covered rocks.

In a rough section of the shore, I saw a row of arches that all lined up with each other when I went back to look through them.
Point Arena Cove from outside, the pier up close, and the gravel beach where I landed.

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