Lands End Area

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I paddled for a day with MAX, a guy who is paddling around North America.
Most of these pictures were taken from the shore by my dad who followed us along the shore. Almost every picture has a few little specks in the water. That's me and Max.

I went on a trip initiated by Jamie Morgan to try (unsucessfully) to catch an eddy current off China Beach, to the Golden Gate Bridge and back to Point Lobos.

This was a trip around Point Lobos that I made from the Pacific Ocean in under the Golden Gate Bridge, and into SanFrancisco Bay to meet Marty at Fort Mason.

Here are pictures of the seal rocks, the cliff house, and point lobos itself.

Fort Miley Vetrans Hospital, and very expensive houses looking over the Golden Gate:

A view accross the Golden Gate at the Marin Headlands.

A series of pictures as I paddled towards the Golden Gate Bridge:

The view back under the bridge from inside the bay:

Some views of the city, and Fort Mason, the goal of the trip:

Aquatic park, the Hide Street Pier, and a view of Alcatraz Island: the goal of a future trip.

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