Arched Rock and Gleasons Beach.

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Arched Rock Beach is a very rugged area with shallow water. It took me three years of paddling past this area to build up the courage, develop the weather savy, and learn the skills to feel comfortable going through this arch!
Heres the small arch, close to shore, in shallow water, from both sides.
Some views of the rock garden between Arched Rock Beach and Duncans Landing.
My Kayak Chariot, the beat-up rusty-trusty VW bus, at the top of the cliff at Duncans Landing.
The "Crack in the Hogback", a narrow channel through a rock, near sunset.
"Wrights Rock", a rock offshore from Wrights Beach. The sun dissapeared into a golden haze of fog.
Although I was in the shadow of the thick fog, the sun still shone on the hills above the shore.

Gleasons beach is a beautiful rugged section of coast between Duncans Landing and Arched Rock Beach with a row of houses on the edge of the cliff.

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