Elk Creek Cove area

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This was the first arch large enough to padle through, although a big wave came and I ended up surfing trough the arch.

I was surfed to shore against my will inbetween (almost into) the rocks off this beach.
My first view of Elk Cove Beach through the rocks. Right after this picture was taken, a river otter ran accross the rock on the left!
I found two guys camping on the inaccessable part of Elk Cove Beach off of an open-decked canoe!

I went exploring the large sandy beach at Elk Cove:

A group of rocks close to shore with shallow water and rugged arches.

I think I have seen a puffin before, but this time I am very sure. Unfortunately the picture is a little fuzzy...
Two entrances to the "Tsunami Caves" where the Tsunami Rangers were filmed for a National Geographic special.
The arches leading through to Greenwood Cove below the town of Elk.

The view far from shore of the area from Greenwood through Elk Cove.
White rock far ofshore from Elk Cove.

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