Limantour and Drakes Beach to Drakes Bay Boat Launch, August 1995

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These pictures come from several trips to fill in the long stretch of mostly sandy beaches inside Drakes Bay between Point Reyes and Limantour Beach.
Dad documented the seldom mentioned kayak portaging stage. Getting to the beach is offten longer or more difficult than this trail to Limantour beach.

Dad on Limantour Beach, and the view forward to Drakes Estuary entrance:

Cliffs rose up by the time I got to Drakes Beach:

Early morning Pelicans leaving Drakes Beach:

Note the name of this wrecked boat: "Voyager"

Near point reyes, the cliffs became rocky again:

The private boat launch in Drakes Bay, and a pelican fishing:

The old Coast Guard Boathouse, and the view to Chimeney Rock:

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