Cuffeys Point Area

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In September of 2002, on the second day of the BASK Mendocino Campout, I went on a trip from Gunderson Cove to the Navaro River.
One of the arches in Gunderson Rock.
A beautiful curtain of stone arches.
The big arch through Warf Rock.
The beautiful coastline from Gunderson Cove to Cuffey Point:

Riding a "washover" on one of the fingers of Cuffey Point.
BASKers hanging out for lunch on the beach inside Cuffeys Cove.
Paddling north of Cuffeys Cove.
Caves and arches!
The fog-bow in the air over the cliffs.
The pictures from this trip continue in the Navaro River image page.

Older pictures of previous trips to Cuffeys Cove.
The view back towards Navaro, and the rocks of Saddle Point.
My first arch of the day!
Pictures of the Devils Basin area.

A beautiful little beach behind some rocks south of Devils Basin, the landing spot and the view west and east.
A very narrow (but navigable) crack through the middle of a rock just north of Cuffeys Point.
Waves breaking out of a cave, and the view back in the other side.
The source of the waves breaking out: A deep cave through the point behind the privious cave.
Two views through a narrow crack connecting several arches to the beach, then the kayak just outside the exit of the cave where I paddled out and landed.

The first indication of a shortcut under Cuffeys Poiont, a larger entrance, and the view back out the crack I paddled through.
Three views down the gaps between the fingers of Cuffies Point.

Cave leading to a little cove, view back out, and view out another exit from the save cove.
Several views of Warf Rock.
A row of small arches between Warf Rock and the shore.
Several views of Gunderson Rock.
Views up and down the beach in Greenwood cove after landing.

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