Point Bonita

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The next 10 pictures are all in the order that you would see the views as you paddle from Rodeo Beach to just past Bonita Point.
These first 3 pictures are approaching Bird Rock:

The next 4 pictures are past Bird Rock and approaching the Bonita Point Lighthouse:

The next 3 pictures are taken as you go around Bonita Point and come into view of the Golden Gate Bridge:

Going back, here are the caves in the clifs behind Bird Rock, and Bird Rock viewed from behind.

Rodeo Beach, south end.
A small cave throuh Bird rock.
Large cave in Bird Rock.
Lighthouse through large Bird Rock Cave.
Tip of bird rock viewed from south.
Reflections of cliff in water.
Rodeo beach viewed from behind Bird Rock.
Small grotto behind Bird Rock.
Pelicans flying overhead.
The next two images are of a mist-breathing dragon: A crack in the cliff that makes breathing noises with the waves, then ROARS when a big wave comes along:

Here's a big cave in the cliff, cormerants roosting above the mouth, and a picture that shows the colors that I saw inside the cave.

The next three images are underexposed pictures while inside the cave, and one picture facing back out to sea:

The only way this much iron got itself on this beach, is by floating here as a ship, and then getting beaten to pieces.

Pelicans on rocks near Bonita Point:

Arches under the Bonita Lighthouse:

Here's a panorama of Diablo Point, the cove north of it, and the back side of Point Bonita:

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