Campo Nuevo and Puna San Carlos.

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Isla San Jeronimo to Campo Nuevo

Some other fishermen arrived at the island the next morning and watched us pack to leave.
We paddled only a short distance, and then a 30 knot wind came up and we fought our way to shore at a fish camp near Punta Francisco.
At this fish camp, called Campo Nuevo, lived a man and his family. His two little ninias were curous about us and peaked at us out of their house as we unpacked.

Campo Nuevo

Views of Campo Nuevo fish camp.
How to use your beat-up "pickup" to get your boat out of the ocean on a rugged shore.
We gave gifts to the ninas and took a family picture before leaving.
We took a ride in the fishermen's truck back to town, hitch-hiked to my truck, and brought it back to load up with our gear.

Campo Nuevo to Santa Ynes

Sights on the way back to Highway One.

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