Punta Baja and Isla San Geronimo.

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Punta Baja to Isla San Jeronimo

We left the kayaks down in the arroyo and they were still there in the morning. A local fisherman came by to watch us pack up to leave.
We paddled only 9 Nmiles to Isla San Geronimo the next day.
Although the skies over our heads were dark and threatening, the horizon was clear. In a rare moment of calm winds, the sky reflected in the most beautiful patterns on the water.
We landed in front of the fish camp on the island.
These two guys, sitting with Sid and Konstantin, were living alone on th island during the off season and seemed very pleased to have company. They cooked dinner for us and fed us their entire catch of lobster. (One small one, the fishing was terrible they said).
We went for a walk around the island.

From a distance on the water I thought this pile of rocks was a statue.
A well constructed trail lead a hundred meters from the statue to a cave.
There was no indication of habitation or any other reason why the trail lead to to this cave.

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