Bahia San Quintin.

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Driving down

Konstantin and my truck on the trip down to San Diego.
We packed our boats the next afternoon at Bahia San Qintin.
We launched by 5:00 PM that evening!
And had a lovely evening paddle across the bay.

Bahia San Quintin

After raining all night, the morning broke sunny but windy.
Our first full day we paddled up Bahia San Qintin, climed over the dunes, and looked looked at Isla San Martin in the distance. We never got to paddle to this island, but the patterns of sand in the dunes was spectacular.
Our second evening of camping, Sid and Konstantin camped right at the edge of the high tide line. Two waves came up under their tents that night! I camped a little higher in a windy gully in the dunes.
Behind my tent there was the skeleton of a coyote arranged in the sand.

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