Baja, pictures from the road trip to Gonzaga Bay.

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Pictures from the trip down Baja:
Loading up kayaks in Marin, loading up on food in San Diego, trying to remember the way to Mexico.
Wandering around Tiajuana.
Gigante is a, well giant, supermarket in Encenada. In Mexico you can get Tang in a variety of flavors. Penny recomended Mago Tang was a good mixer for rum, so most of us bought a liter of rum and a big bag of Tang. When you mix Mango Tang with rum we called the resulting drink "Mago Tango".
Pictures from the high desert from the drive across the center of the peninsula.
We spent the night in a cozy ranchero with a restaurant and dormatory style rooms.
The road from Highway One to Gonzaga Bay was tough on the cars.
"Coco's Corner" is a rest stop at a crossroads in the middle of the dessert. The owner has surrounded his store with "art instalations" made out of trash.

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