Baja, Isla San Luis or Salvatierra area.

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Isla San Louis to Isla Entrada

Paddling around the south end of Isla San Louis the next morning.
The southeast corner of the island is a large caldera with a volcanic plug in the center.
We turned towards Isla Pomo. This island is solid pumas that drops into the sea and floats away.
On the south end of Isla Pomo there is a large cave with a sany beach inside at the end. One of few places you could land on this island.

Most places on the island are steep and rugged.
We found two more caves on the northwest side of the island.
We went back to look at the north tip of Isla San Louis then turned north to Isla Entrada.
Isla Entrada from a distance and from the shore.
Most of these Islands have a spit pointing to the main peninsula on their southwest corner. We didn't want to land on these cobble berms.
Konstantin checking out the only small beach on this island. Would it be underwater this evening? It was a neep tide and the answer was no, but Konstantin got very little sleep because he got up every few hours to check the tide.
Our beach was very close to a nest with three baby pelicans in it.
We relax and watch the sunset.

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