Baja, Isla Miramar or Muerto area.

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Isla Entrada to the Baja Mainland

The next morning we paddled around Isla Lobos. In Spanish, sea lions are called "sea wolves" or lobos.
The sea wolves came over to check us out.
The last island in the chain had a vertical line near the water that turned out to be a lighthouse!
I went inside, climed to the top, took pictures of my friends below and the other islands in the distance.

We circled the last island in the chain looking for a good place to land.
We saw frigate birds nesting on the rocks!
The view back to the other islands in the chain.
The only beaches we could find were covered with bird nests and swarms of flies.
So we paddled back to the main Baja penisula to get away from the files.

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