Baja, Bahia Guadalupe and Isla Alcatraz.

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The volcanic cone here is Isla Coronado on an island near the end of our trip.
Views by night of our campsite on Guadalupe Bay.
And views of the campsite by day.
The little volcanic cone in this picture is Caleta Colorado De Guadalupe, a 100 meter pile of volcanic material that I climed for the view.

Happy hour at Guatalupe Beach.
Penny found us this large wide beach to search for moon snails.

The little crab in these pictues can move so fast the 2nd picture is blurred!
We called this the "hobbit beach" where we each had a little private room between two of the small sand dunes.
My tent at the hobbit beach.
Over the ridge we could see the long sandy Encenada Alcatraz beach.
Packing up for our last day of paddling.

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