Baja, Punta Asamblea Area.

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This beautiful rock formation looked like a fleet of small aircraft carriers sitting in the water.
Everywhere we went we saw many pelicans.
We found four kilo bricks of mrajiuana washed ashore on one beach. It had been badly composted by the weather but was reported to be "pretty good shit". We burned the first three kilos like presto-logs in the campfire (the fourth kilo was found the next moring). Everyone claims that they did not get high from the campfire smoke.

Night-time activities included writing and reading poetry, or just reading trash novels by candelight.

We saw these cute little horned greebes everywhere in the water. Once we even saw one of them dead in the claws of a falcon flying overhead.
Stopping at one beach for lunch we found the skull of a fin whale. The hole you see is not the blow-hole, that is the hole in the back of the skull where the spinal cord came out!

Here is another of Bob's nighttime long expoure pictures, compared with a similar picture of the same point taken by daylight.
We found a beautiful cave through a point where we could get out and walk through.

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